Welcome. I’m Fabian Mohr, a journalist living in Berlin and working for Zeit Online. You’ll find me on Twitter, Pinboard, Flickr, Instagram, Google 360 Photospheres, Vimeo and SoundCloudRead more about me here.

I’m fascinated by concise, captivating stories that look beautiful on all devices. I like tricky projects.

From time to time I’m posting short articles. A few samples: The Displaced: VR storytelling by the New York Times | Why show dead people in the news? | Street art guide to Friedrichshain | Visiting a former Stasi prison in Berlin | The rice fields of Tam Coc, Vietnam

All photos licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0. Feel like remixing? Start with the Street Art album on Flickr.

Awards, grants, jury activities (previous and current): Arthur F. Burns Fellowship/IJP, Arthur F. Burns Prize, Grimme Online Award, Christophorus-Preis, Pressefoto Bayern (Sonderpreis Serie), Information is Beautiful Award, Vorjury Deutscher Reporterpreis, Nominierungskommission Grimme Online Award, Jury Lumix-Multimedia-Award, Jury AppArtAward, ZKM.

Contact: DM me on Twitter.