Inter­act­ive 3D model of a Huastec goddess. Stone sculp­ture cap­tured with an Occipital Struc­ture Sensor at the British Museum, London. Click and drag or swipe to watch the sculp­ture from all angles. It also works nicely on VR head­sets via Web VR com­pat­ible browsers.

Hi! My name is Fabian Mohr. I’m a digital journ­al­ist and a product person based in Berlin, Germany (soon: Munich).

I’m on Twitter and Face­book. You’ll find my photos on Ins­tagram and Flickr, my videos on Vimeo, new 3D scans on Sketch­fab, 360 panoramas on Google Maps, a few audio field record­ings on Sound­cloud and my book­marks on Pinboard.

I’m heading the inter­act­ive team at Zeit Online in Berlin (cur­rently on elder care leave). Our work covers a wide range – you might have seen one of our storytelling pro­jects in recent years: Straßen­bilder: Mozart, Marx und ein Diktator (English version), Stadt, Land, Vor­urteil (English version), Fremde Freunde, Eine Nation pendelt or Das geteilte Land, to name a few.

Pre­vi­ous roles at Zeit included Head of Edit­or­ial Dev („Entwicklungs­redaktion“) and Head of Video. Before Zeit I worked for Bayerischer Rund­funk (Bavaria’s public broad­cast­ing service) and ZDF German Tele­vi­sion in senior pos­i­tions includ­ing homepage man­age­ment, report­ing and conceptual/editorial project man­age­ment – prefer­ably in a bridge role con­nect­ing jour­nalists, developers and designers. Before the inter­net I worked as a news presenter and reporter for radio sta­tions in Bavaria and North Rhine-West­phalia.

Awards: Deutscher Reporter­preis, Grimme Online Award, Arthur F. Burns Prize, Inform­a­tion is Beau­ti­ful Award, Award of Excel­lence (Society of News Design), Chris­to­phorus-Preis, Presse­foto Bayern (Sonder­preis Serie). Grants: Arthur F. Burns Fel­low­ship. Jury activi­ties (pre­vi­ous and current): Vorjury Deutscher Reporter­preis, Nomi­nie­rungs­kommission Grimme Online Award, Jury Lumix-Mul­ti­me­dia-Award, Jury AppArt­Award, ZKM

Contact: Twitter (DMs are open), Face­book,