Hi! I’m a ­­journ­al­ist, product person, black and white pho­to­grapher and, most recently, also a mild 3D enthu­si­ast.

I’m working for BR in Munich, Germany, with a focus on digital strategy pro­jects. Before that I’ve been working at Zeit, ZDF, Condé Nast and Radio NRW in a variety of journ­al­istic and stra­tegic roles ranging from news (incl. on-air-presentation), report­ing, feature writing and over­see­ing edit­or­ial homepage manage­ment to build­ing and leading teams for R+D and product, inter­act­ive storytelling and video.

You’ll find my pho­to­graphs on Insta­gram and Flickr, 3D scans on Sketch­fab, 360 panoramas on Google Maps, selec­ted audio field record­ings (some of them binaural) on Sound­cloud, occa­sional sed­at­ive live streams on Twitch and my book­marks on Pinboard. Then of course the usual social net­works – you’ll find me if you look closely. The easiest way to get in touch with me is prob­ably via LinkedIn or E-Mail.

Awards: Deutscher Reporter­preis, Grimme Online Award, Arthur F. Burns Award, Inform­a­tion is Beau­ti­ful Award, Malofiej Bronze, Award of Excel­lence (Society of News Design), Christophorus-Preis, Presse­foto Bayern (Sonder­preis Serie)

Grants: Arthur F. Burns Fel­low­ship

Jury work: Vorjury Deutscher Reporter­preis, Nomi­nie­rungs­kommission Grimme Online Award, Jury Lumix-Multimedia-Award, Jury AppArt­Award, ZKM