May 2012

the tulips

How Yahoo Killed Flickr and Lost the Internet by Mat Honan is a long, rewarding read. A Flickr user for almost eight years now, I’m still in awe looking at the sophisticated, feature-rich infrastructure the Flickr teams have built over the years. I deeply admire their work. 

Flickr Mobile is a different story. The iPhone app, built by Yahoo mothership units, is one underwhelming piece of software. Thanks to the Flickr API, people bypass the misery and use competing apps like Instagram or Hipstamatic to upload their pics to Flickr. Alas, that has become a core problem. How can a company generate new users via mobile without a kickass experience on smartphones?

For the record: Flickr is still, by far, the best web based photo archive. As long as you have a desktop life, too, and the social side of photography is not your top priority. You’re in a niche now, btw. 

One other aspect that makes me muse about Flickr: Yahoo as a whole. Sure, bashing a company is easy. Yahoo, however, performed so refreshingly lunatic in recent years that it’s impossible to predict what will happen next. 

My 5000+ pictures are in the middle of this. Note to myself: Bulkr.