Hipstamatic 2.55

July 2012

I hadn’t noticed this within the recent updates of Hip­sta­matic, so thanks to Richard Koci Hernan­dez for point­ing out that version 2.55 now comes with a new lens (“Jane”) that leaves a picture almost unaltered – com­pared to the rest of the lens portfolio. 

Not a big deal from Hipstamatic’s per­spect­ive prob­ably, but news­rooms who have report­ers working with iPhones should take notice. With the “Jane” lens it’s pos­sible to use Hip­sta­matic as a photo report­ing tool without apply­ing major alter­a­tions to the ori­ginal picture. 

Some of the Hip­sta­matic films support this pure approach, in par­tic­u­lar “Blank Noir” and “Ina’s 82”. If you prefer b/w or sepia instead of colour, “Claunch 72 Mono­chrome” or “Rock BW-11” will do the trick.

hipstamatic filter test run
“Blank Noir”

hipstamatic filter test run
“Rock BW-11”

hipstamatic filter test run
“Claunch 72 Monochrome”

Let me add one brief obser­va­tion from last month while vis­it­ing the Lumix Fest­ival for Young Pho­to­journ­al­ism in Han­nover. After seeing most of the port­fo­lios it struck me right away that the fest­ival was not about photo journ­al­ism alone anymore. 

It’s becom­ing a fest­ival for post pro­duc­tion as well. 

Most of the pro­jects were obvi­ously edited in post pro­duc­tion and quite far away from what the camera cap­tured at first without apply­ing addi­tional love. Nothing seemed odd or un-ethical, it was just so uber-obvious. 

Alter­ing pho­to­graphs (not viciously manip­u­lat­ing) is becom­ing an accep­ted way of telling a story in a more com­pel­ling way. It’s one item in the big cre­at­ive toolset of a visual reporter.

I’m fine with that. No, even more: I’m applaud­ing it.

And I wish senior “pro­fes­sional photo report­ers” would stop the bigotry, imply­ing that iPhone folks do not qualify as serious visual storytellers because they use apps to alter their footage. If they have issues with this, they’re actu­ally having issues with the next gen­er­a­tion in their own industry. The ele­phant is in their room, too.