Silence in Berlin

September 2012


Big cities aren’t usually perceived as places of tranquillity and retreat. Even more, they tend to build an image of themselves that is the opposite – always on the go, speedy, stylish. It’s not a new phenomenon, by the way. Berlin has cultivated a multiple personality for decades. Famous for pulse rate and clash of various cultures and lifestyles, Berlin is actually a laid back place.

During post production I showed a rough edit of the video to our multimedia intern, asking her if she noted any lengthy segments. Answer: “It’s one lengthy video, from start to end”. Point taken :-) It was valuable feedback because it reminded me to build my next project around a first hand protagonist again. I do like the depth of the interview we did together with writer Michael Bienert about his awesome book “Stille Winkel in Berlin”. From a storytelling perspective, however, expert interview and first hand account are different beasts, of course.