Unquiet places

December 2012

Last year’s port­fo­lio review at the “5. Tri­en­nale der Pho­to­graphie Hamburg” was a fine day. You never know what to expect – each pho­to­grapher who opens his folder with prints is a sur­prise package. And boy, was I lucky that day. Three great, inspir­ing pho­to­graph­ers showed up: Amélie Losier, Stefan Koch and Soliman Lawrence.

In a way the work of Soliman Lawrence, doc­u­ment­ing the renais­sance of jewish culture in Poland being driven forward by non-jewish Poles, was espe­cially inter­est­ing because it was so com­plic­ated to access and ambigu­ous. We invited Lawrence to talk about his project “Unquiet places” at Zeit Online (English with German sub­titles).

In case you’re inter­ested in the videos we pro­duced together with Amélie Losier and Stefan Koch earlier in 2011: Wo Maradona groß wurde / Meine Quelle – Vom Ende eines Versandhausriesen