Stopover in Bangkok

December 2013

Chinatown, Bangkok

Chinese food, Bangkok

Wat Saket, Bangkok

Wat Phra Kaew, Grand Palace, Bangkok

Protesters on the streets of Bangkok

Wat Phra Kaew, Grand Palace, Bangkok

Wat Saket, Bangkok

I finally found the time to explore Bangkok a bit – a city I only knew from chan­ging gates at Suvarn­ab­humi Airport before. 

In a sense Bangkok reminded me of Hanoi. At first sight it’s a somehow frantic exper­i­ence. But once you accli­mate your­self to the city and the jet lag fades out, it’s a fas­cin­at­ing place. 

I stayed in Chinatown’s Yaowarat neigh­bor­hood which I’d whole­heartedly recom­mend if you con­sider your­self a foodie. 

While I was in Bangkok the anti-government protests slowly gained momentum. Coming from Wat Saket temple I walked to Demo­cracy Monu­ment and watched a massive rally – thou­sands sup­port­ing Suthep Thaug­suban (see a short video here).

If you’re con­fused about Thailand’s current polit­ical situ­ation (almost every­body is) try the Q+A’s by the BBC and WSJ.