November 2014

Shooting the “Lichtgrenze” art installation in Berlin for Zeit Online was another reminder how much I prefer to work with simple and light weight video gear. I had a Canon 7D DSLR with me all the time but ended up filming almost everything with an iPhone 6. Actually only one short sequence in this video – the first few seconds – was shot with a 7D because I realized I needed a wide angle lens to capture the scene without stepping on a busy street. The rest is iPhone footage with a big portion being shot as time lapse and one slow motion sequence. I would have loved to do more slow motion but the otherwise gorgeous 240 fps mode doesn’t work properly in low light situations (no surprise here). Additional low-fancy gear used: A Shoulderpod S 1 smartphone rig and a light weight Manfrotto tripod. Edited with FCX, Soundtrack via Premiumbeat.