February 2015

I’ve been playing with Store­house lately (see Rites de passage, Cinque Terre, Street Art B and Musée du quai Branly) and it’s great. For those of you who haven’t heard of Store­house, it’s basic­ally an iPhone/iPad app for storytelling. Build­ing beau­ti­ful stories is pain­fully simple; while Store­house deliv­ers the best exper­i­ence in the app, all stories are auto­mat­ic­ally being rendered as respons­ive web pages, mim­ick­ing the app look and feel quite well. Every­body can see and share the stories, no matter which device. 

Store­house as a mobile/touch-only content cre­ation tool (hor­rible word) is very well executed. Same goes for the story design. Everything looks elegant, premium. As Vincent Laforet explains, even the TOS are OK – which is so not a stand­ard in this field. 

As soon as I started build­ing my first pages in Store­house it hit me that this is exactly what Flickr needs. Flickr, still from a plat­form per­spect­ive a fine option to store huge numbers of pho­to­graphs online, has lost much of the buzzing around pic­tures that made it so fas­cin­at­ing in the early days (at least in my sub­ject­ive perception). 

The “album”, as Flickr calls bundles of pho­to­graphs, hasn’t much evolved. It’s a mono­tone grid/list of pho­to­graphs. Since I started using Twitter or Face­book nobody I know has shared a Flickr album, ever. 

What people hunger for is a beau­ti­fully crafted, awesome album design (think of varying picture sizes, nice respons­ive clus­ter­ing) and an option to add text modules or quotes in classy fonts. Enter Store­house. The seam­less inter­face between Store­house and Flickr makes it easy to handle Flickr albums like a back cata­logue and re-celebrate them in a new, fresh look on Storehouse. 

There’s a problem looming for Flickr because provid­ing cheap, worry-free photo storage – a big deal back in 2004 when Flickr took off – is a com­mod­ity now. Nobody cares. But people care a lot about easy ways to build great looking stories they can’t wait to share.

Update, May 2015: Flickr has redesigned its website and apps.