A neighborhood in transition

April 2015

Street Art, Friedrichshain

When I wrote a guide to my street art favorites in Berlin’s Friedrichshain neighborhood in October 2013, I knew the list was a temporary thing. The transformation process Friedrichshain is going through has proven to be fiercer than I expected, however. A significant number of street art pics have vanished since. 

Now one of the great spots at the corner of Scharnweberstraße and Mainzer Straße is going away, too. A Gründerzeit house is being renovated and all paintings and cut outs have been removed. 

At some point it was to be expected (the house was severely run down with only a few tenants holding the line behind broken windows), so there’s no surprise element in this story. 

Still, some of the pics at this house were quite beautiful – farewell to a few favorites: 

street art, friedrichshain

graffiti, friedrichshain

Graffiti, Friedrichshain

street art, friedrichshain

street art, friedrichshain

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