“Requiem For Dying Species” at Ars Electronica 2010 in Linz, Austria

Hello! I’m a journalist, a photographer and a product person. I’m part of the Condé Nast global product team working from Munich and London.

Get in touch with me via TikTok, WhatsApp (QR-code), Threema (QR-Code/ID), Telegram, WeChat (QR-Code), Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or E-Mail.

You’ll find my bookmarks on Pinboard, my photos on Instagram and Flickr, my videos on Vimeo, 3D scans on Sketchfab, 360 panoramas on Google Maps, a few audio field recordings on Soundcloud and playlists on Spotify.

In an earlier life I was heading the interactive team at Zeit Online in Berlin. Previous roles at Zeit included Head of Editorial R+D („Entwicklungsredaktion“) and Head of Video.

Before Zeit I worked for Bayerischer Rundfunk (Bavaria’s public broadcasting service) and ZDF German Television in senior positions including news, reporting, homepage editing and conceptual/editorial project management – preferably in a bridge role connecting journalists, developers and designers.

My work was also published by Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, Tagesspiegel, Bayern2Radio, Humboldt magazine of Goethe-Institut, Wirtschaftswoche E-Business and Focus Online.

Before the internet I worked as a news presenter and reporter for Radio NRW and local radio stations in Bavaria.

I graduated with a Magister degree in history and political science from Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf.

Awards: Deutscher Reporterpreis, Grimme Online Award, Arthur F. Burns Award, Information is Beautiful Award, Malofiej Bronze, Award of Excellence (Society of News Design), Christophorus-Preis, Pressefoto Bayern (Sonderpreis Serie) 

Grants: Arthur F. Burns Fellowship

Jury activities: Vorjury Deutscher Reporterpreis, Nominierungskommission Grimme Online Award, Jury Lumix-Multimedia-Award, Jury AppArtAward, ZKM